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Released in 2017, Undertow is Tom Kanach's critically acclaimed rock opera.


"A Pop Masterpiece"- Gary Wein, New Jersey Stage Magazine

"Top Release of the Year"- John Pfeiffer,  Aquarian

Undertow is a music mosaic of 30 interwoven songs, that capture an individual's struggle to overcome the undercurrent of a lifetime of damage- the undertow- to rise above it, let it go, and escape his self-made prison.  


Billy Siegel, Russ McAdoo, Tom Kanach, and Joe Rowley

Photo by Swikar Patel.  All rights reserved

We all face a daily struggle to keep our heads above water,

fighting the ever-present weight of our damage as it attempts to pull us under the waters of life, preventing our happiness and limiting our potential.


In the river of life, this is your undertow, that undercurrent of damage that life has dealt you.


Trying to pull you under while you are swimming the river of life.


It's about overcoming that damage, forgiving yourself for your flaws, and letting you be your best self.


Undertow is the story of the struggle of coming to terms with the truth about the impact of the damage that has been done.


Coming to terms with and accept yourself and who you are; washing away all of the layers of a lifetime worth of accumulated damage to become your most beautiful, best you.


In your journey down the river of life, the damage that has been done to you will try to derail you.

Creating an undertow to pull you under and drown you in the bad things that happen to all of us.

The purpose of life is to swim your hardest against your damage to reach the shore of your best version of you.

To be everything you were designed or meant to be. In spite of the undertow.

No matter what has happened, it is never too late to let go of your damage and let your beauty shine through.

You decide


In time, you realize it's time, to leave the pain behind.

Cauterize your mind; let your wounds run dry.

Kiss it all goodbye and let the tears you cry, wash away the things you've done.

Be blind to all you've lost or won

It's time

"Undertow" - 2017

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