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Well of Souls 

Phase 1 - 1988- 1989

In 1988, after the demise of Mischief, Tom Kanach returned with a new power pop band called "Well of Souls".

He enlisted former Mischief drummer Mike Sasso on drums, and friends Rob Hutchinson on guitar and Jimmy Aquavia on bass to record the new power pop songs that he had written in the fall of 1987 following the "Mischief" breakup.


The result was "Killing Frost" released in 1989. (See below).


The song "No More rain" received airplay on college stations across the country. 


However, the lineup changed soon after the recording when Erik Gertsen

and Mike Considine replaced Sasso and Aquavia on drums and bass respectively.


Mike Considine, Erik Gertsen, Tom Kanach and Rob Hutchinson

Photo by Kathy Powers.  All rights reserved

"Killing Frost" - 1989 Krakatoa Records

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