1981- 1987

In fall of 1981, budding songwriter, guitarist Tom Kanach met bass player Joe DeLorenzo in a bathroom at Middletown North high school. 


DeLorenzo was listening to a cassette of the Deadboys "Young, Loud, and Snotty" on his Walkman.


DeLorenzo played "Sonic Reducer" for Kanach. Kanach, a passionate Beatles, Who, and Stones fan instantly fell in love with the raw energy, anger, and passion and the two agreed to meet up after school that day to further discuss music.


Discovering a shared love of the Beatles, the two decided to form a band that would combine their shared influences; British invasion and early rock and roll, while adding in the exciting new punk sounds that DeLorenzo introduced to Kanach.

Mischief 1986; Joe DeLorenzo, Blair Russell, Rob Random, Tom Kanach

Photo by LeeAnn Dougherty. All rights reserved.

DeLorenzo recruited his friend Kent Grechus to play guitar, and they found Cliff London to play drums.

Playing a mix of covers, such as; 'Sonic Reducer", "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Rebel, Rebel", the occasional classic rock song, and their own original written songs, they enlisted Cliff's brother Mitch London to find the band some gigs. 


Mitch was able to book the band at a October 30, 1981 Mischief night show at Thorne Middle school. 


Lacking a name when asked by the school authorities, they quickly replied,"Coincidentally our name is perfect for the gig, our band is called "Mischief".


And despite the gig being eventually moved due to a scheduling conflict to Monday November 2, 1981, the name stuck.


"Only Losers Left Alive" (1985) Mutha Records

"Only Losers Left Alive" - 1985 Mutha Records
Other Mischief recordings


Throughout it's history, Mischief was Joe Delorenzo on bass and Tom Kanach on guitar. They were the primary singers and songwriters.

In addition to DeLorenzo and Kanach, the original Mischief lineup included Cliff London on drums and Kent Grechus on guitar and occassional bass. This lineup appeared at Mischief's first ever show at Thorne Junior High School on November 2, 1981 and continued until spring of 1982.

Mike Sasso replaced Cliff London on drums in 1982 and was the Mischief drummer on and off over the course the next 3 years.

Kent Grechus left the band in late 1982 and was briefly replaced by Rob O'Brien, and then Mike McCusker.

In the fall of 1983, the band became a 3 piece unit with Ritchie Paradise on drums.

Mike Sasso returned to play drums in the summer of 1984.


The "Only losers Left Alive" album was recorded in the winter of 1985 as a 3-piece that included Mike Sasso on drums.

Blair Russell joined the band in the summer of 1985 as a guitar player.

After finishing the recording of "Rotten to the Core", "Kiss Goodnight Tonight", and "Days of Indecision", Mike Sasso left the band and was replaced by Rob "Random" Rampino in 1986.


The "Random Blare" lineup featured Blair Russell-guitar and vocals and Rob Random- drums and vocals.

Other musicians who were in Mischief at one time or another over the years:

Dave Vogt- Guitar- 1987

Mike McGuire- Drums- 1983

Mike McCusker- Guitar- 1983

Rob O'Brian- Guitar- 1983

Ritchie Paradise- Drums- 1983-84

Mitch Wilson- Guitar- 1987

Many thanks to the following individuals who helped Mischief along the way:

Dave Simmons- posters, sound, etc.

Mark "Mutha" Chesley 

Al Baggerly

Danny Rey- producer

Kathy Powers- photos

LeeAnn Dougherty- photos

Leslie Fox- photos

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