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Phase 2 - 1990- 1994

Despite the favorable reviews of "Killing Frost", and due to some of the band members leaving, Kanach decided to add enlist the help of bass player, Keith Mohsinger and re-built Well of Souls to be a slightly heavier band.

Sinoply drummer, Jimmy Irons and former In Between Dreams guitarist, John Pfeiffer joined Well of Souls and began the Phase 2 era of the band.


The revised lineup recorded several songs (see below) and was voted "Best Unsigned Live Act of 1993" by New Jersey Monthly magazine.

WOS 1991 My Backyard B Engel.jpg

Well of Souls 1991- John Pfeiffer, Keith Mohsinger,

Jimmy Irons, and Tom Kanach.

Photo by Barbara Engel-May.  All rights reserved

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