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In the wake of the demise of Grimace, John Pfeiffer and Tom Kanach decided to forge ahead with their plans to record a new bunch of songs that they had written.


Enlisting the help of drummer and producer Duke Clement, the pair recorded a batch of new songs under the tentative name "Lustre".


Lustre- John Pfeiffer and Tom Kanach

Photo by Andres Karu. 

All rights reserved

Starting in the late fall of 1997 and continuing until the fall of 1998, fifteen songs were recorded.

Clement played drums on all of the songs, while Clement, Kanach and Pfeiffer alternated playing bass.

A third of the songs were written by Kanach, a third by Pfeiffer, and a third were written together.


The songs were produced by Duke Clement, with Pfeiffer and Kanach.


Twelve of the songs were picked for the CD and while it was never officially released, about 50 hand-made copies were distributed.

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